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Build Self-Serve

Lead with Product.
Start with Self-Service.
Low-code orchestrations to go from “Contact-Us” to “Sign Up, Try and Buy
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Why self-serve your product?

By 2025, Gartner expects PLG to be a standard component of GTM practices for 90% of SaaS companies.

“People don’t talk to people anymore”

“A product with Self-Service has the highest influence on buying decision”

1. Foundation for Growth

Self-service allows your SaaS product to scale efficiently. Users can sign up, onboard, and start using the product without requiring direct assistance from your team. This scalability is critical to build your pipeline of potential customers.

2. Free Trials and Freemium Models

Offering self-service access, often through free/reverse trials or freemium models, allows potential users to experience the product firsthand. This can lead to increased conversions as users witness the value of the product.

3. Faster Time-To-Value

Users can quickly start using and deriving value from the product without waiting for manual setup or assistance. This faster time-to-value is appealing to users and can contribute to positive user experiences.

4. Competitive Advantage

In a competitive SaaS landscape, a well-designed and easily accessible self-service model will be a differentiator. Users often prefer products that are intuitive and allow them to get started without unnecessary complexities.

Establish Foundation for Growth

Capabilities that enable your product for Self-Service

Low Code Orchestrations

Customize & Orchestrate and Debug self-serve services like: ​
User Signup, Authentication, Registration​​
Know users with auto-enrichment​​
Manage surge of users with managed wait lists
Provision tenants ​​
Send Welcome email notifications and more​
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Enable Authentication

Delegate Authentication Or  integrate with your IdPs​.
Quickly build Signup and Login Pages​
Choose and Experiment with Login Types (Magic Links, Password less, Social Logins, Enterprise SSO)​​
Style and Brand the pages to company’s requirements
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Provision Users and Accounts

Provision and Manage lifecycle for Users and Accounts.
Choose strategies to automatically join users to existing accounts
Choose from various methods of Integration options like Webhooks, APIs, Cloud events (e.g. AWS SQS, Azure Events)
Manage tenant lifecycle events like Create, Update/Upgrade, Downgrade, Subscription Expire, Delete and more
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Automatic Enrichment

Understand, segment and analyze with enriched users and companies.
Out-of-box enrichment of user and companies
Bring your Enrichment provider like Clearbit, People Data Labs or use defaults
Segment your Users & Companies across PLG Analytics and PLG CRM modules
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Enable Free Plans

Streamline pricing, manage accounts, and automate insights for effective customer engagement.
Configure Free Plans Strategy – choose from Free Trials, Reverse Trials, Freemium, Gated Trials
Sync with Tenant lifecycle events including Upgrades, Downgrades, Cleanup fake and duplicate accounts, deleted unused tenants etc.
Automatic telemetry and analytics for conversions and subscription changeevents
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PLG Self Service Analytics

Get instant reports, use self-service data, and track and boost growth with data that matters.
Get out of-the-box PLG reports for Acquisition, Retention, Virality and more
Self Service becomes one of the first-class data sources for PLG analytics
Measure progress against your goals, and get pro tips on how to improve
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Bottom-Up CRM

A bottom-up dashboard for GTM teams to drive engagement & revenue at the account-level.
Self Service as one of the first-class data sources for PLG CRM
Auto-enrichment for Users and Accounts
Segment and Manage Account list with filters, chart widgets and notifications
Engage& Monetize Accounts by Initiating various actions for Users and Accounts
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How Self-Serve works

ThriveStack seamlessly integrates your marketing channels
(e.g. Website, Email, Marketplaces) your SaaS product.


Enhance your workflow with our robust, easy-to-integrate solutions.
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Enabling Self-Serve is

As simple as 1..2..3
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Choose and try out your end-user experiences


With your development environment, bring your custom domain and tryout bottom-up CRM


Customize branding, enable CI/CD integrations to Promote fromdevelopment to higher environments (