Turn your SaaS into a Self-Service PLG machine in minutes

All in one solution to enable self-serve, analyze customer journey and drive engagement

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Don't spend $2M+, 18+ months to build & ship self service

Ship Fast. Iterate Faster.

Who is it for?

Built for your Product Growth team

Bringing together Engineers, Growth Managers, and Revenue teams to to foster growth.

Product Engineering teams

Build, Ship and Iterate faster

Growth & Data teams

Analyze & Influence product growth

Go-To-Market teams

Amplify Engagement and Drive Revenue

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Product Features

Launch Your Self-Serve Quickly with Just Three Steps

Simplify your workflow from inception to growth – no complexity, just clarity.


Begin by creating a user-friendly self-serve platform.
  • Enable Self-Serve

    Replace traditional "Contact Us" forms with a "Signup" button. Let us manage the complexity of user identification, authentication, registration, Tenant provisioning and Welcome emails.

  • Instrument you App for SaaS telemetry

    Focus on your product usage events, and leave the rest of standard SaaS events (Signup, Login, Join, Trial started etc.) to be automatically enabled by the self-serve system

  • Enable In-App features

    Add growth features like - Invite Users, Create Team, Allow users to Upvote for new features.

Seamlessly Compatible


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